Flag: Liberia
Home Port: Monrovia
Builder: Hu Dong Shipyard, Shanghai
Year Built: Oct-84
Classification: H CSA 5/5 Tug/Supply Vessel H CSM AUT-O
Call Sign: E L P W 3
Inmarsat-C Terminal ID No.: 463668850, Anwserback: HYUE
Hull Number: 1145
Sailing Area: World-wide
Official Number: 9882
Length Overall:     60.85 M
Length (PP):  54.00 M
Breadth Moulded: 13.00 M
Depth Moulded: 6.20 M
Draft Loaded: 5.06 M (Summer Draft)
Draft Light: 3.12 M
Freeboard: 1.14 M (In Summer Draft)
Disp. Load: 2499 Tons
Disp. Light: 1336 Tons
Gross Tonnage: 1252 Tons
Net Tonnage: 375 Tons
Dead Weight: 1164 Tons
Light Weight: 1325 Tons
Deck Area (Clear): 30 M x 10 M
Crash Rail: 1.80 M
Deck Cargo: 500 Tones
Deck Strength: 5 T/M2
Anchor: 3 x 1440KG Stockless HHP
Anchor Chain: Dia.36MM, U2  450M
Windlass: Norwinch AV39/44 - 36V2/2T
Tugger: 2 Sets: Norwinch LV-10 SPEC
Capstan: 2 Sets: Norwinch C-9, Hauling Capacity: 10 T
Hyd. Crane: Elect. Crane, 1.5 Tons x 7.0M
Fuel: 547 M3
P. Water: 234 M3
D. Water: 525.4 M3
Lub Oil: 17.0 M3
Bulk: 4 x 42.5 M3, total: 170 M3
Liquid Mud:   Nil
Fuel Oil: 100 M3/hr
P. Water: 100 M3 /hr
D. Water: 100 M3 /hr
Bulk: 80 p.s.i, about 80 T/hr
Liquid Mud: N/A
Main Engine: 4 Sets, M.A.N. 12V 20-27 Diesel Engines
Horse Power: 4 x 1,500BHP, Total 6,000BHP
Bollard Pull: 52 Tons
Propeller: 2 CPP Propellers in Kort Nozzles
Auxiliary: 2 Sets: M.A.N.- 38W 5L-20/27  563HP
Generator: 2 x 245KW, 440V/60 HZ/3 Phase (Diesel)
  2 x 245KW, 440V/60 HZ/3 Phase (Saft)
  Total: 980 KW
Thrusters: 1 Bow Thruster: 1 x 564 HP, 6.25 Tons
Control: C.P.P.
Maximum: 14.5 knots  18 Tons/day
Economical: 12.0 Knots  9.8 Tons/day
In Port: 0.6 Tons/day
Winch: Norwinch 2S-180-2T; water fall type double drum
Tow Line: Main Dia. 61mm x 800M / spare Dia. 57mm x 1000M
Anchor Handling Wire: Dia. 57MM x 150M
Pennant: 2 Sets: Dia. 57MM x 20M
Towing Fairlead: Nil.
Shackle: 4 x 85 Tons; 6 x 55 Tons; 8 x 35 Tons
Shark Jaw: Standard Karm Fork, SWL: 500 Tons
Towing Pins: SWL: 500 Tons
Nylon Stretcher: 2 x dia. 10" x 50 M
Stern Roller: Dia. 2.0 M x 4.8 M
Gyro Compass: Tokyo Keiki  Type: ES-11A
Magnetic Compass: C-Plath
Auto Pilot: Tokyo Keiki  Type: PR-2064-E-V2
Echo Sounder: FURUNO FE502
Radar: 1 x FURUNO Type: FR-1011 / 3 Kw
  1 x Racal Deca Type: Bridge Master CA-181
Direction Finder: FURUNO Type: FD120B
Log: FURUNO Type: MF-220-2
Windicator: 1 Set
Satellite Navigation: FUNURO GP-50
GMDSS: SKANTI COMBRIDGE 9500, 500W for A3 Operation. Installed: August 1997.
SSB: 1 x JSB -410, 400W
VHF: 2 Sets
Receiver: JRC NRD-72
Portable VHF: 3 x VHF Marine Radio Model: HX238S(EB)
Ring Buoy: 8
Life Jacket: 50
Life Raft: 4 x 20 persons
Life Boat: 1 x Rescue boat, 6 persons, engine outboard
FiFi: 1 fire fighting pump Type: FB2H-250-2 with 600M3/hr capacity
  2 monitors on top of the bridge
  Made by: Naniwa Pump MFG. Co. Ltd.
Antipollution: 2 x Oil dispersant system; 1 boom on each side with 5 spray nozzles
Emergency Radio: 1 x JSL-5, 50W
Emergency Life Buoy Marker: Yes
Radio Distress Transmitter: KSNNAD 406FH, France
Freezer: 18 M3
Refrigerator: 2 Sets: RSK-5F, 2100Kcal/hr
Births: 28 with full air conditioning
Fuel: WECO Couplings  4"
Water: WECO Couplings  4"
Bulk: WECO Couplings  4"