7,200BHP AHTS- UT714
Flag: Liberia
Home Port: Monrovia
Builder: DAEWOO Shipbuilding & HVY Industries Ltd., South Korea.
  Yard No. 7904
Year Built: 1984
Classification: DNV @1A1 Tug and Supply Vessel SF ID 13970
Call Sign: E L V M 8
Sailing Area: World-wide
Official No.: 10891
Length Overall:     58.23 M
Length P.P.: 51.60 M
Breadth Moulded: 13.00 M
Depth Moulded: 6.75 M
Draught Summer: 5.93 M
Freeboard: 0.82 M (In Summer Draught)
Gross Tonnage: 1313 Tons
Net Tonnage: 393 Tons
Dead Weight: 1729.66 Tons
Deck Area (Clear): 31.50 M x 10.50 M = 330.75 M2
Crash Rail: 1.80 M
Deck Cargo: 500 Tones
Deck Strength: 5 T/M2
Anchor: 2 x Spek 1590 Kg
Anchor Chain: Dia.34mm, K3, 400M each
Windlass: 2 x Brattvaag Electro-Hydraulic, Type: B6MG4185, 10 tons each
Tugger Winch: 1 x Brattvaag Electro-Hydraulic, 8 tons
Capstan: 2 x Brattvaag Electro-Hydraulic, Type: CM220200, 5 tons each
Crane: 1 x Electro-Hydraulic, 1.5 Tons x 6.0M
Fuel oil: 811.6 M3
P. Water: 421.4 M3
D. Water: 438.9 M3
Bulk: 1 x 49.4 M3 + 3 x 51.43 M3, total: 203.65 M3
Fuel Oil: 200 M3/hr, 7.5 Bar
P. Water: 200 M3 /hr, 7.5 Bar
D. Water: 200 M3 /hr, 7.5 Bar
Bulk: 65   M3 /hr; 2 x compressors, 15.2 M3 /min. each, at 60 psi.
Main Engine: 2 Sets: BERGEN Diesel Type: KVMB-16V
Horse Power: 2 x 3,600BHP, Total 7,200BHP
Bollard Pull: about 86 Tons
Propeller: 2 x Ulstein CPP Propellers in Kort Nozzles
Auxiliary Engine: 3 Sets: COMMINS NT 856-G (M) 3 x 320BHP
Generator: 3 x Siemens IFCS 382-4, each 210 kW, 440V, 60Hz (Diesel)
  2 x Siemens IFC 5 466-4, each 610 kW (Shaft)
  Total: 1,850 kW
Bow Thruster: Ulstein Type: 90TV, 500 BHP, 6.5 Tons
Maximum: 14.0 knots  26 Tons/day
Economical: 12.0 knots  12 Tons/day
In Port: 0.6 Tons/day
Winch: Electro - Hydraulic Brattvaag SL150W/BSL150W,
  SWL 150 Tons, Brake Load 200 Tons, Double Drum.
Tow Line Capacity: Dia. 56MM x 1000M
Anchor Handling Wire Capacity: Dia. 56MM x 1000M
Shark Jaw: Ulstein Karmfork, SWL 125 tons
Towing Pins: 2 x Ulstein ? Bridge control
Rig Chain: 1 Gypsy wheel on starboard side of the drum, Capacity: 3??
Chain Locker: Nil.
Stern Roller: Dia. 1.83 M x 3.66 M, SWL 250 tons
Gyro Compass: ANSCH?TZ
Maginetic Compass: ANSCH?TZ KIEL Type: DHI 46/23S-0/77
Auto Pilot: ANSCH?TZ
Echo Sounder: Simrad ED 161
Radar: 1 x KRUPP  Type: ATALAS 5500
  1 x Recal-Decca  Type: Bridge Master
Log: Simrad NL
Satellite Navigation: Furuno Type: MARK-2
Weather Fax: Furuno DFAX FA207
VHF: 2 sets: SAIT Model: TC 5773
Navitex Receiver: JMC NN-900
Ring Buoys: 8
Life Jackets: 40
Work Vests: 10
Life Raft: 2 x 25 persons + 2 x 20 persons
Rescue Boat: 1 x 6 persons, Zodiac with outboard engine
Rescue Net: One rescue net on each side of the vessel.
Search Lights: 2 sets, on top of the bridge.
Anti-pollution: 2 x Oil dispersant system: 1 boom, on each side with 5 spray nozzles
Fire Fighting Equipment: 200 M3/hr, with 1 monitor at the aft of the bridge deck.
Emergency Radio: Yes
Emergency Life Buoy Marker: Yes
Radio Distress Transmitter: Yes
Accommodations: 6 x single, 1 x double, 4 x 3 persons and 1 x 12 persons Replica Rolex Explorer
  Total: 32 berths.
  Full air-conditioning. Replica Rolex Deepsea Sea-Dweller
Hospital: 1 berth
Provision Room: Freezer Room: 16 M3
  Vegetabe Room: 16 M3
  Dry Provision Room: 18 M3